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When we will get Pregnancy ( next update?


Fuck, Ashley's story about broke me and then you twisted the knife more with the rest of them. You are amazing and i cant wait for 0.16. Thank you.


Also will say Joiplay isn't working at all at least for me now

Best game I've played in a very VERY long time and I love all of the characters and the development


is it available on iOS?


Get well Runey

Hi, I can't seem to find the cunnlingus for Lin... I updated from version 12 to 15... not sure if I am blind or it messed up

Same as every other repeatable, you need to unlock it first.
It's her 43rd event.

Deleted 1 day ago

Read the words below the big flashy banner that says "How to play on Android" above.


it requires version 0.14 but doesnt install that through the patch ive spent like 2 hours trying to get it to work this is the first game ive had to mess with files and i have done the read me i dont have the original game i only have the 0.15 patch it opens but has an exception everytime i click and doesnt give me images just the void pattern. am i stupid ? help


The 0.15 Patch if im right is the patch if you have the game. But you said you don't so what you do is download the "Harem Hotel v0.15.1 PC/Android" which is like 10gb Try that.

When does pregnancy role well come

Still end of the game.


How's the progress going Runey? Any prospective on when should we see the new version? 

Are there any plans for new characters later during the development of this game?

what is the mirror file for?

Alternate download source in case your region's servers have a problem with the main one. Very common.

To play in mobile, is nescessary a 64bit device or it's possible to play in 32?

Whichever your phone is. Google the specifications.

mine is a Gslaxy J8 Snapdragon 450 1.8 Ghz 4 GB Ram and 64 GB from.

32 bit mode system (not possible to 64 yet Because have no good rooms available. 

Ok got a question I couldn't find an answer on the patch notes.

So the latest version has some new clothes and I can but them but when I try to put it on of the girls it says something about "content not developed yet".

Is this a bug?


"This content is not developed yet" means that content is not developed yet, surprisingly.
They are used in repeatable sex but can't be worn around the hotel yet.
The update notes in fact say "added outfits to repeatable sex". Here's Lin's section for an example.


There is a ton of content in this game, I was shocked how long it took me to get to the current update. Tons of quality dialog with amazing scenes and variety. Great game and story! 10/10


Just finished the new content and all I can say is "WOW" I seriously can't wait for more but I will!! And the goth stuff does wonders I'm glad I stumble upon this site and gave this game a shot it gives me more joy than AAA titles nowadays!


Woot been awhile since been here just checking out the update logs... but woot #1 top rated adult I think whenever I check it is always the 1st, once in awhile 2nd but wtg.


Dude.. I downloaded this yesterday and played for like eight hours straight. Not even stroking it the whole time. The story is that good and the personalities of each character feels genuine. My balls ached so much by the end of my play session and when I woke up they still hurt. Seriously bro, what magic did you put into this game? You're talented as hell. I'm looking forward to updates in this game more than Overwatch 2. Fucking love you. man. Signing up for your Patreon ASAP.


Thank you :)


okay im seeing 2 applications, one have the -32 at the end. which should i run?

more than likely the one with -32 at the end to put it simply. unless you know you have a 32 bit system its safe to assume you have a 64 bit


i rly would like to just add maybe some more posses for the girls and maybe more of lin, i fckn adore this little elf girl, so much that my gf already cosplayed her for stuff. ehm yeah like i said i love this game and hope you continue this perfect work and masterpiece sir

*bows and kisses ur feet*

lol thanks

Hiya! I have a problem with the game - whenever I hover over Ellen at the reception, she just disappears but when I hover away she's back. It's preventing me from upgrading. What should I do?


It seems like you've installed the game incorrectly. A fresh install should fix the issue.

i solved it by going to the hot spring tho the creater more than likely know best about this game 

Any updates when v0.16 will be released

Updates are roughly 3-4 months apart, and it's been two months since v0.15.
We're getting there.

Thank you

I love playing this game. Im starting over again with the newer version. I was just wondering when a new girl will be added to the hotel and more scenes with Autumn.

will we have more autumn scenes and is her sister planned as well?

Autumn is a main character, so yes, she gets event(s) every update. She got two in v0.15.
Don't know about Hazel, we'll see.

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there was one part where you met a girl called elizabeth and her andriod pixle, is there either 1. already a module to do that to niniod or 2. none (if none please add) :) BTW im talking about futa


what will the patch note will do?


Patch notes are a list of changes made to each version.

Any plans on adding a feature to turn the girls into strippers? Im not done with the game so if its in the game already im sorry lol

There are no plans for that.


Hey, I love the game, been playing for a long time but recently had to re-download due to me getting a new phone. For some reason, I haven't been able to get it to work with Joiplay and thr ready plug all I get is a grey screen. Any help for this issue or insight? Love the game though!


Make sure you follow the "How to play on android" guide on this page.

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Sadly still can't get it to work, ill try again though! This is what I'm getting

Hi. Loving the game - amazing work! Having real trouble downloading the v0.15 patch. Had the same with the main file until I used the download mirror. Is there any alternative for the patch? (Guessing not but had to ask).



Don't worry - found a copy elsewhere...hopefully nothing nasty lurking in it :P  Again , love the game. More girl/girl, 3 way please!


Check the mirrors on my patreon.


Loving this game so I just bought it . Some sex sounds would be nice even if it's just generic slapping, squirting etc.  Although voiced sounds wouldn't work since there is no voice over acting; unless it did ;) 

Two questions only:

 -how do I improve lust? 

 -and what do I do with "lady lust's orgasm kit"? I just bought it and I don't know what to do with it :/


Lust is raised by one per any sex act, once you've had 10 Vaginal and reached a certain Relationship Level (usually 18-24, depends on the character).
Lady Lust's Orgasm Kit unlocks more options during Lust events, particularly at 6/9.


I'm on Android, and when I tried using joiplay it said that 'this game type is not supported' can anyone help?

I just finished this game, and this game hits different. The story, the characters, everything in this game makes you want to play more and more. It will be difficult for any game to come close to this masterpiece

I'm glad you think so :)

This is such an amazing game I love the perfect balance between sex and story and I especially love Kitty (My Cynetic's name) story line and cant wait to see V0.16 when I get paid I will gladly support your patreon this is such an amazing game.

Thank you! :)

Is there any way to view the old kali bj scene?

Download an older game version from before the change.
But that's not recommended for obvious reasons, plus the change was made for a reason anyway, looks way better imo.

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I turned on 0.15.1 and after clicking continue it shows an error window. I click rollback and after going to sleep another error crashesand next error

after selecting another option (sleeping with Lin)
after sleeping Lin and Android

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From what i can see its thanks to the script being changed in the actualization normally the simplest way to dismiss this errors are actually a new save file because since this is a linear story you might have missed an event earlier in the game since it was included in might have been included in this patch, try to dissmiss the error and go to lin since it is a lin event it might send you directly to the event or give you another error if it happens like that you most likely might need to either start another game or play an earlier in the game save file, there might be a way to turn the pointer of the "lin_complete15" on manually but that might be harder and even like that there can be more than one pointer missing so its better to go for the try a new save file route might be more tedious but in fact you should be able to skip directly to the choices since you have already saw the history scenes

PS I AM NOT a developer of the game im talking from the experience in other renpy games and the knowledge about coding i have only that


It seems like you've updated incorrectly, try reinstalling.


I have a question. Why can't you just make a normal android version instead of us having to use joiplay?

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Too large


The filesize limit is 2GB, harem hotel is 10GB. I was heavily compressing the game up until v0.12 to fit it on an .apk, but the size eventually caught up with me. It was so compressed that the images were barely readable so compressing it even more would have ruined it.

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 This By Google says "Each file can be up to 2GB" and Google themselves allow you to have 2 of them.  Seems to me to be saying that as long as each "part or update" is under 2GB it will work.

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Well Runey42 I absolutely love playing your game. I also like to see how badly I can break it (no MOD or Cheats just by doing random things) also so that maybe you can figure out how it ended up like that in the first place.

As you noticed most people won't seem the Emma Picture (Nice that you put it in there though I'm hoping you did the same for Falicity) and here I haven't talked to Ashley since seeing her in the hot springs went to her school without being her friend (really creepy if you think about and this happened when I tried to talk to the classmates..

Am i allowed to ask when a new update will come? and btw is there a possibility that we can say some examples what u can maybe add or so, i wanna ask first bcs some creators are very picky

Updates are every 3-4 months, and it has been just under 2 months since the last update.
Runey has dropped a few things here and there he wants to do, but little solid other than making all sex optional, likely some Garden content and perhaps some new early player events.
Nothing is set in stone though; he may add something he suddenly thinks of, or delay something due to it needing more work or needing to pair with later content.
Also the usual add new events for main and maybe side characters, remake old events, etc.

thx for the answer, i just read it bcs i didnt got the notification, i rly would like him to just add maybe some more posses for the girls and maybe more of lin, i fckn adore this little elf girl, so much that my gf already cosplayed her for stuff. ehm yeah lie i said i love this game and hope he continues his perfect work

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