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Hello! I'm Runey and I'm making Harem Hotel, an Adult Visual Novel with Dating Sim and Training themes.


You've inherited your grandfather's hotel on a foreign continent where everything seems fine on the surface, but rarely is. Develop relationships, skills and your hotel, with 18 beautiful and fleshed out characters.  Harem Hotel includes hundreds of fully animated and uncensored lewd  scenes, an array of stats, traits, outfits, and upgrades to buy and  unlock, dozens of hours of content, over 980 unique events, over 30,000 HD images, and way, way more to come.



In the Harem Hotel you will meet a diverse cast of characters, all with their own unique story lines:

A humble Elf maid who is now in your service! Though this world has treated her harshly for over 300 years, all of that will begin to change once she meets you.

A nerdy girl who begrudgingly booked a room in your hotel after being kicked out by her esteemed and quite infamous father. Growing up around androids, she gained an affinity for hacking them.

A poor college student on the brink of homelessness, though she isn't too eager to let anyone know about her struggles. Being shunned for all of her life, she's finally able to find a place she belongs in your hotel.

A socialite by day and camgirl by night, Maria is an orphan with a few secrets to hide. After graduating college and with no where else to turn, she finds your hotel and a few old friends.

A sentient android programmed by your grandfather. Being one of a kind, she's constantly being mistaken for something she isn't. Though she wants to fit in with this world, being different can be tough.

These two are inseparable. Being spoiled all of their lives, they've become accustomed to a higher standard. But after moving in to the hotel, they find there's more meaning to life.

A religious woman born with a body made from sin. Though her upbringing has caused her to become quite inexperienced in certain areas, after moving in the hotel, she will gain a new perspective.

Themes included:

  • BDSM
  • Harem
  • Maid
  • Training
  • Masochism 
  • Pet Play
  • Watersports
  • Dating
  • Tsundere
  • Yandere 
  • Exhibitionism
  • Voyeurism
  • Masturbation
  • Elves
  • Virginity
  • Defloration
  • Creampies
  • Anal
  • Girl on Girl
  • Squirting
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Ahegao
  • Corruption
  • Breast Expansion/Reduction
  • Feet
  • Lactation
  • Milf
  • Religious Corruption
  • and more!

No NTR or cheating.

Planned fetishes include:

  • Pregnancy

This game is totally free! If you enjoy this game and want to see it grow please consider supporting me. Anything helps!



1. Download the PC version of the game.

2. Unpack the .zip using RAR or your desired unpacking tool.

3. Download Joiplay and the Ren'py plugin through the Google Play store.

4. Launch Joiplay, when you're on the main menu click the "+" button on the bottom right. Enter game name, version and (optional) game icon.

5. On the "Executable File" click Choose and go to the location where you downloaded the game, when inside the unpacked game folder choose the .exe game file and click Choose. When all information looks correct, feel free to click on the "Add" button.

6. You're now done and good to go. Have fun! (You may also want to move saves around)

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(3,794 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Dating Sim, Erotic, harem, Hentai, NSFW, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Harem Hotel v0.16.2 PC/Android 10 GB
Version 4
Harem Hotel v0.16.2 PC/Android (Mirror)
Harem Hotel v0.16.2 MAC
HH v0.15+ > v0.16.2 PC Patch (REQUIRES v0.15+)

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I wish I could wipe my memory to just play this again as the first time, thats the level of this game. 11/10


i want to play this game on my phone but isn't there a separate download link for android? the one listed above is kinda confusing for me.


thank you for making this game youre the best !!

Thank you for playing!

Regarding the huge file size issue for Android, is it not possible to make a small apk file and the rest of resources be downloaded as obb file?

I've seen this done on some other games but maybe the limitation is with the visual novel engine used and not with Android itself?

What kind of engine do you use? I'll try looking into the issue.

I use Renpy. Harem Hotel's original filesize is 90GB and has been compressed to roughly 10GB

Just "finished" the game

Gah damn that was an experience, basically one of those "came for the girls, stayed for history"  didnt knew it was going to be so deep, all the elf slavery and revolution is soo good holy. Oh i forget to mention the world-building too

And ofc the girls do not dissapoint too, them all have so much differences from each other its simply amazing

Crazy game homie straight 10/10

Im kinda hoping that juliet be a main character too 

Thank you!


Best PayPal donation I have made ever

LOVE the story as much as I LOVE the women.  Great, Keep it comming.

I must confess, initially I thought it was taking too long to get the actions scenes, but the slow burning story was worth it.

Important point.  This story has some strong themes, The writing IS GREAT.  This is not your standard Visual Novel/ dating sim, The story in combination with the scenes sets the bar at HIGH.

Well done.  Can't wait for the city to be fleshed out and some of the potential storys to be discovered like the first encounter in the coffee shop.

I assume Ashley's story arch used personal experience, It was handled very well.

I also like Kate health questionaire, very well fit in with her character ;) 

PLEASE, give me more KARI, KATE, JULIET.  MOAR.  You are Gods amount Visual Novel/ dating sim developers.

I am not finished yet, assume I am 2/3 finish.  No hesitation to say its GREAT.  No hesitation to say I will replay it at next update.

Glad you're having fun!

Is this game finished yet?

Far from it.

this is awesome i love it! Is it possible to add audio to it though?

There is plenty!
I assume you mean voice acting and sound effects though? That won't happen.


if pregnancy does get added will it be towards the endgame? and will it be optional?

when do the new update come out?


10 gb? I have no idea how you survive making this, you must be working and fapping simultaneously.


Its worth it, Honestly, youre looking at a possible 10+ hours of gameplay

(1 edit) (+2)

I've never seen anyone with less than 30 hours of playtime beat the story.


If you skip dialogue, you can. no point in doing that though. Your game has amazing story and you will miss ALOT.


My first play session of this game was quite literally 12 hours straight of a mix of skipping and reading, didn't even get close to half way in v0.14.1


These are compressed files as well. Harem Hotel would be closer to 90GB if it weren't compressed.


Bruhh 馃拃馃拃

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Try making a new game on anodroid thought joi play and it crashes before the warning that j have to 18 to play thing goez away

I made sure ti follow what it says and it still doesn't work

When are you adding in pregnancy? I would love to see the risk of pregnancy rather than just do you want to get so and so pregnant, like almost a consequence.  Any thoughts? 


At the end of the story.

(1 edit)

Is there an ETA for v0.17 or an estimate of what content will be added in it? 

Didn't expect to get invested in these characters since things start so simple for each of them, but you've done a good job adding nuance as things go along.

Some of Maria and Android's scenes have left me kinda speechless TBH. 


All of those questions will be answered in the Development Announcement post when that is ready to go up.  I make those posts before every update on Patreon, but I will start putting them here as well I think.

hi! could you tell me what the file path for saves on MAC would be?

Can I take my current score into the new version? If so, how does it work?

Saves automatically transfer between versions on PC and Mac

Hi! Had a few questions. Why are there no sexual interactions with lin's sister now? 


I haven't developed the story necessary to lead into sex without it being forced.


Much respect for this - part of why the scenes feel better when they happen is the level of writing you've put forth for each of the characters - legit great stuff. Can't wait to see more. 

Can i download this thought mega?

Mega has a 10GB filesize limit. Harem Hotel is over that limit.

Playing through Joiplay - can saves from 0.16 be kept/backed up to use on 0.17 and onward? And how do I update the game if I'm using Joiplay?

(1 edit)

Is there any difference when choosing a option when nia say are you with me? Do we become heartless killers 

There is no consequence for that option.

(1 edit)

Cool and i wish you great lick with the game and everything else I hope we can save the elves and everyone and finally get autumn

(1 edit)

amazing game can't wait to see more of the story and everything

can i change back to android big tiddy form in cutsenes?


just copped a new pc finally ab to play the new up date  

great game, had much fun, but it took some time to understand the gameplay, i am not a native english speaker

Rest assured, there are multiple translations being worked on :)


needed a futa and trap version xD

(1 edit) (+4)

Don't hold your breath for it


Ummm what you mean by that? You will add it in future,if you are going to,one small req keep it optional and minimum.

(1 edit) (+2)

I mean that if you were to hold your breath for it, you would die.  Because it's not coming, or will be incredibly rare.

not my cup of tea but the framework for it to fit into the game via optional purchasable android attachment makes sense. i mean we bought other body mods the idea that androids could have a male version/attachment could also satisfy those who want to see some 2 on 1 without adding in a new male character, might satisfy the ntr crowd 

I completed Maria's story before Moon's and now I'm stuck on Event 4 because Maria needs to work at the bar for it to trigger. Problem is, Maria doesn't work there anymore after finishing her story. Is there a workaround or something I can do to finish Moon's story?

Try it again. I completed Maria before moon too cuz mood don't have a room so i always forgot about her and was still able to complete her story. 


Maria never stops working at the bar.

I had the same problem, for me it was because I hadn't bought Maria's bartender outfit - not having it doesn't stop Maria's main story progressing, but it does prevent her appearing in the bar and so stops Moon's next event triggering.


Just tried to install this on android and the game doesn't run even with all the extra added apps. Even Google is cracking down on this as many have used such extra apps for nefarious purposes. . With Ren'Py having its own android development engine I don't see why you can't just make an android version without all the extra steps like the other game developers here do.
Even the reviews of JoiPlay are saying that it is a substandard app to play Ren'Py games and makes them lag worse than using Ren'Py itself to make all the needed changes to run on android.

(3 edits) (+2)

I'm not aware of any other way to release Harem Hotel on Android.

Feel free to ask questions though, like "Why can't you release an android version like all the other developers?"

The answer to that would be that Harem Hotel is over 90 Gigabytes. The game has already been drastically compressed down to 10GB, and even with that, your android phone will only run .apks under 2GB. As far as I know, it is still impossible to make an .apk bigger than 2GB. It would be nice if .apk caught up to the modern year, but since Harem Hotel is big, it must be emulated on Joiplay.

Please let me know when/if you can get Harem Hotel to run on your phone without Joiplay.

As far as I know some apps with more than 2gb space do run on android devices,like i played a 4.6 gb+ game years back on my android phone,so that thing of not supporting 2gb+ apps is new for android,i guess, maybe it will work in old android devices?

And one more thing i founded that if you compress your files and release them as .zip they can be changed into .apk files after being downloaded on any device and can be installed and run on any android device.


Thank you for clearing that up for me. At least now I understand. It is a wonderful game. I really enjoy playing it.

(1 edit) (+1)

What is better download the 0.16.2 or wait until 0.17 release? I'm currently using 0.16

Thanks in advance!

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

The second number stands for the number of major updates. The third number stands for the number of bug fix patches. If you are on v0.16 and haven't run into any bugs, there is no reason download v0.16.2.


Okay thanks!

(1 edit) (-1)

Is it better to play it now?or you are planning to finish this avn anytime sooner,so i can wait and play it altogether later rather than waiting for updates after playing it now.


Updates happen roughly every 3 - 4 months.

(1 edit) (-4)

oh gosh,dude are you serious? I have asked this similiar question to you 4 times already, everytime some wierd answer, I ain't asking you the date you upgrade your avn on, I'm asking whether it's going to have an ending anytime sooner or not,if it's going to be going on for few years before having an ending,or it's near to having a proper ending,but you never understand the question, I'm tired of this site.

Good bye dude,best of luck for your avn.


If Runey did not give a straight answer to your question it is safe to assume that he does not want to say or he simply doesn't know.  Pretty silly to get angry over tbh.

Oh lol, okay.

Just downloaded the game on android and it keeps crashing when launching I have the plugin installed and followed all steps. I see some other people having this problem too. Plz fix

(1 edit)

It works.

how do i visit girls at night 

im replaying the game as my previous save did not work and im trying to fly through.  my level is high with many girls and lin and kali also sleep with me at night but i cant sneak around to visit them at night


Click any grey option to see why it is locked.


How to Play on Android:

Download this, download that, sell your soul to Google... fuck it, another game I'll never play. 

(1 edit) (+2)

It's soo easy. Just follow what this pages says. At first time, even for me it looked bit annoying but after I finished setting it up, it looked soo easy.


I have no idea how much spyware is on these programs, I feel bad enough getting aps from Itch, but Google is THE DEVIL and everybody knows it, so I curse everyone who promotes them. I don't care if it's "easy" to sell out and use Google, it's just not a good thing to do.

Lmao you're on android already - it's developed by Google. If they wanted your data they'd already have it. Just use a burner email for a play account, download the app, and stop whining.

(1 edit) (-2)

You admit it's bad, then you promote it, nazi cuck.

(1 edit)

The last thing I'd ever be is a Nazi, asshole - and I never admitted or promoted anything regarding google. 

I just said you're already using the operating system they created in the first place, so it sounds like you're making excuses for being lazy. 

By using Android you're already using a Google product, and you yourself called them 'THE DEVIL' so what's up, huh? 

Just use a burner email or hotmail or whatever you want to download apps.

Or just don't, in which case why are you even here? Do you even think Itch is secure? Where do you draw the line? 

You know what? I don't care what you do, just figured you needed a dose of reality honestly. 

all you talk about is fascism and Nazism, pretty sad tbh.


Is JoiPlay still working? Whenever I try using it, I get error saying game not supported.

(1 edit)

My joiplay crush at it's first time but when it's second time it works perfectly, I don't know you get an error though.

I'm also on android too.

Got the Renpy plugin installed?

It still appears to be working.

works for me

It's working for me. It does crash for me if I played it like 4 or 5 hours but that was at the beginning. I am using ren'py plugin joiplay to play this game. I am using Redmi 10 5G.


Could Android get some Futa mods in the future? I bet she would love to dp the girls with me, especially Maria. If so, I also wouldn't mind a few scenarios or events where the player walks in on the girls using Android's hardware :p


Why do people think females just love doing shitty stuff like this. I am pretty sure that鈥檚 sexist.


wow you're so right! There has never been a consensual polyamorous relationship in the history of mankind!! Also, it's a fucking fantasy game, go play RuneScape if you don't have the mental fortitude for this kind of thing.


Yeah it's not like monagamy is much praised in past,on rare circumstances monogamy was done,else everyone enjoyed the fruit of polygamy in past and it's freedom,and what's sexist? It's not like girls don't fuck with more than 1 guy at same time,or they remain more faithful in a relationship than boys,it's goes both ways ,it's not about sexist it's about showing reality in face off fantasy.


You'll understand when you're older :)


You'll understand when you have money.


What shitty stuff, dude? Loving some guy is shit according to you? It's not like she is selling herself for money,fame like many praised celebrity women does or did in past,here most women shown in are fantasy and are million times better than what in reality praised celebrity, political women are. If anything it's men who is shown downgraded and shown as assholes,few are but not all like in these all avn shown.

I am so confused... If you think it's a shitty stuff then what are you doing here anyways??? Isn't this 18+/NSFW side of itch?


Maybe she's a feminist (who is itching for some sexual pleasure and secretly using these thing to get on) or more gross she could be a 11 year old girl with a 30 year old bf,and he force her to play these things to try new kinks.lol

(2 edits) (+3)

oh, i'm totally not like one of those people ...




I mean who would know much  about a group which doesn't exist in reality馃槀馃槀

How big is this game? Is there a lot of scenes


This probably has the most content out of any free (unless you want to pay) game out there.

(1 edit) (+3)

There is. New characters like autumn don't have that much scenes but old characters like Lin, Kali and Ashley have a lot of them. Maria, Android and Felicia/Emma have minimal amount of scenes. Side characters one is bit different. Side characters one counts as one page scenes. There is no individual pages for every side characters. So side characters don't have that much scenes. Scenes don't really matter. You can do many things in this game. That what makes this game extra good. There is also cheat code if you playing this game again on another phone or download it again (only if you finished the game on your old device or uninstalling the game). With cheat code you can unlock many things because of infinite money. So I recommend this game. It does take a lot of storage (especially not good if you play this game on mobile) but it's still amazing. I personally give 5/5 for the current version of this game. I am so excited for future versions.

(This game doesn't have NTR. So if you hate NTR, this game especially is for you.)

(2 edits) (-1)

My game keeps crashing and kicking me out when I talked to kail I'm on Android and I don't know what to do adit I figured it out it's not a Pacific dialogue glitch it just randomly crashes so does anyone know how to stop it or at least not make it happen as often


When is the pregnancy fetish coming? Thanks for an awesome game btw!


I second this!

Unfortunately I think it'll be a while. My guess is it'll require a new building (nursery) and a final quest for each girl. For the elves it may require a main quest update (half elves getting rights) before some of them feel acceptable with it (like Lin). Depending on how much content will be written and how much of a priority it is, it will probably take anywhere from a couple of weeks to many months.

It will take time because the dev have a lot things in their hands. They took rest and finally started to work on the new update. It might come this year.


Can please separate the llinks, is such a hastle to download really especially if it keep failing


Every Harem gotta have:

- The Slave

- The normal ass relationship

- The Yandere

- The one who will fuck everybody

- The one that's way too overpowered and is only kept in check because she likes you

- The siblings


- The one who has no idea she's in a harem

never forget, the antagonist.
the master cannot be the antagonist, he needs to be placed upon the throne, not take it for himself

What's use of antagonist in a harem? Would you sleep happily with a girl who killed your family and friends?if anything at Max forgive her,but having relationship with your enemy is not good thing.


Yeah. It's a normal thing especially in Isekai harem story.

And from my perspective of this game are:

The Slave: Lin

The Normal Ass Relationship: Kali

The Yandere: Ashley

The One Who Will Fuck You Everyday: Maria

The One that's way too overpowered and is only kept in check because she likes you: Android

The Siblings: Emma and Felicity

The One Who Has No Idea She's In A Harem: Autumn 

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